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Solar C — Access To All Lanes

crates of boombap

Solar C

Access To All Lanes

Gill breathing crew are known for  creating incredibly dope music and this album is no exception.

Classic 90’s production with intelligent lyrics and a dope flow. This album is such a head nodder that Solar C should throw his logo on some neck braces and sell as a package deal.

In this day and age of over saturated garbage, this album is very refreshing. The production by Crates favorite Relic reminded me of why I first fell in love with underground 90’s hiphop. Solar C’s flow is flawless throughout this entire project, kicking knowledge over everything he touches.

I absolutely loved the interlude, Poverty’s Dice. A very well written and truthful poem, based on the powers that keep us stuck in this rut we call life. The track it follows, “Detour” is one my personal favorites on the album.

Overall this is a great project, with some dope production and solid features. It’s nice hearing an emcee use his brain instead of spitting about the typical stereotypes that come with hip hop. This has a lot of replay value, and will remain in my playlist for a long while. Dope work Rel and C.


Adam Walsh

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C.A.M. — Persian Rugs

crates of boombap


Persian Rugs

This one impressed me a lot, and definitely should have been an LP (at least I wish it was).

Cam kills everything on this EP, and switches his flow so effortlessly it almost reminds me of a young Jay-Z. Mix that with a dope accent and even doper pen skills and its got me wanting an extended version at least.

Setting the Pace is the highlight for me. Cam spits in double time and doesn’t miss a single beat the entire time, which is hard for most emcees.

Overall, it’s a crazy sick ep.

My only complaint is I really wish it was longer, as it only has 4 songs and one interlude and we want more!

That said, Persian Rugs definitely caught my attention and put Cam on my list of emcees to watch for.


Adam Walsh

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Barbone the Bandit — Bone To Pick With

Barbone The Bandit

Bone To Pick With

Barbone, the Australian born Bandit, has released a project that feels so hip-hop it’s unreal.

Hard hitting beats with a certain old school vibe, mixed with a whole lot of very, very dope scratching.

As an mc,  Barbone has a simplistic style and scheme, but in this case it really works.

On to the album. Honestly, the second track had me ready to call my boss and quit my job.  “Mondane” perfectly describes the cycle that most people (including myself) get stuck in. Another highlight from the project is “Peterson Turf Street Derelicts”, which paints a very vivid image of Barbone’s life and the people he sees on the daily.

Overall this was a very good project that I really enjoyed listening to.

It’s dope to hear boombap like this coming from down under. If your looking for Aussie accents, boombapping beats and scratching… then this one’s for you.


Adam Walsh

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New Single: Sharky ft. Ivason Black – DEMONS

sharky demons ivason black

This one is banging!!!

Long time Canadian boombap pioneer and Sons of Boombap founder Sharky has teamed up with legendary baritone mc Ivason Black (formerly known as Skitz) on an absolute neck-snapper from fellow SOB producer Know it.

The track “Demons” is a dark, introspective journey through the tortured psyche of two artists that have long been chasing that hopelessly elusive recognition they deserve.

From the first haunting note of the intros vocal sample to the final snare, Demons takes listeners to the depths of human emotion and struggle.

With more than 50 years on the mic between them, Sharky and Ivason prove that some things truly do get better with age.

Don’t take our word for it…


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Music Video: Danielson — Integrity

daniel son hiphop boombap

Down in Maidstone, Kent, there has been a guy keeping hip hop alive single handedly in the Kent scene…

Daniel Son, one part of the new guitar-hop two-piece band Roundhouse, has been an active rapper for over 10 years now and has one of the sickest discographys to back him.

…The latest video for the track titled ‘Integrity’ is one of the realest pieces of work to ever come out of the UK Hip Hop scene, and the track is a true story based on a recent relationship of Daniel’s.

When we spoke with Daniel he explained that the nine minute long track was “one of the easiest tracks he has ever written,” down to the fact it’s so raw to him still that the lyrics just kept on flowing and before he knew it the track was nine minutes long.

During the video you can see the emotions and feel the pain that Daniel has been through during this relationshipsomething that is going to be relatable to so many.

Make sure you check the video out below!

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Music Video: Fliptrix — It’s Like That

fliptrix hiphop boombap

Fliptrix, the man known as The Big Owl, is back dropping a dope new solo video for his latest track ‘It’s Like That’ produced by Joe Corfield.

…Being part of one of the sickest UK Hip Hop groups, The Four Owls, and the managing director of High Focus Records has been keeping Fliptrix busy enough since he burst into the scene back in ’07.

The release of the video for ‘Its Like That’ dropped around the same time it was confirmed we have a new project to look forward to titled ‘INEXHALE.’ If this project matches the levels of this dope new banger then we are more than certain this long wait for a new solo Fliptrix release will be made worth while.

You can download or stream ‘Its Like That’ online now here.


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The Mighty Rhino — We Will No Longer Retreat Into Darkness





Hand’Solo Records artist, The Mighty Rhino, is back with his newest album, ‘We Will No Longer Retreat Into Darkness’. It’s a beautifully crafted album that includes a wide range of musical styles and genres, from classic boombap to heartfelt love songs.

As the intro opens the album, you develop a sense of how smart and complex this man is, and how much hope he holds in humanity. Moving through the project, if Sage Francis and Atmosphere were to have a baby, The Mighty offspring would be this Rhino of a man. Where the material lacks in hard-hitting punchlines, it makes up for in spine-chilling, heartfelt lines and choruses…

…I personally have never gotten so many goosebumps from one album.

The song “Every Atom” paints the picture of a failed relationship that turned into a great friendship. The chorus on “Blue Suit Pimpin'” shows a man with style and charisma, a chorus that was constantly shouted across my jobsite for the last few days.

Although there were a few choice features that didn’t really suit the album or tracks, most were excellent. My personal favorite was “Wolves in the Cellar” featuring Adam Bomb. I felt they complimented each other perfectly alongside the rawest hook on the album.

The standout track on the album though, by far, was “Stay Up”. An absolutely incredible song and certified hit, with a chorus that could uplift not only the  hair on my arms, but the most depressed person in the world.

Overall, this is a very unique project. Not one you usually hear in the hip-hop world, and it comes with a lot of replay value. If you have a chance, check it out (click below)! I guarantee you will find something that suits your personal preference musically.

Props to The Mighty Rhino. Through all your hardships, you’ve found a way to truly inspire people and give them something beautiful in a dark world…

…and it all sounds so natural to you.

– Adam Walsh